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Private Training with Kate

Private training with Kate will help you take your skills and confidence to a whole new level in less time. You will get to experience first hand what it is like to have a full schedule of clients as you will be provided models each day to help shorten your learning curve and add to your portfolio!

2 Day Private Training For Ombre’ Brows

One On One Training with Kate (2 Full Days )

8 Hours Per Day

Wireless BrowKingdom Machine included

Brow Bar Supplies kit

1-2 models per day provided

iBrow Boutique Shading Manual

Access to BrowKingdom Inner Circle Group for ongoing support

Wholesale prices for supplies

  • Investment- $3,997
  • Non-Refundable Deposit: $1,000
  • Each additional day: $2,000

A Florida Tattoo License is required to attend our private training.

When you reserve a date, we will send you the steps to obtaining your license along with our Tattoo Establishment number for your application.

Total fees are less than $100 that the (student) will pay to the Florida Health Deparment.

Group Training

2 Day Ombre’ Brows Bootcamp (6 Students Only)

Do you want to master the Ombre Eyebrow Technique? Join this small goup with Kate at iBrow Boutique and learn from the best in industry. The groups are very small so you will have a lot of peronal time with Kate that will help improving your skills to a completely new level.

For Beginner and Intermediate Students! (No Prior Experience Necessary)

Limited to 6 girls only per class!

13 Hours Total

Wireless Machine Included

iBrow Course Shading Manual

Access to BrowKingdom Inner Circle Group for ongoing support

Access to BrowKingdom Inner Circle Group for ongoing support

Additional 10% off BrowKingdom wholesale pricing for extra supplies

  • Investment- $1,297
  • Non-Refundable deposit- $500

Students DO NOT need a Florida Tattoo License to attend this class.

Kate will be the only person doing a live model demo each day.

Students will only be practicing on synthetic skin.

My name is Kate and I am the founder of iBrow Boutique.

We are proud to have 7 locationas in Russia and 4 locations in South Florida has been opened last year.
Googl statisctics shows that we are the #1 Google Rated Brow Bar in South Florida.

If you are crazy about Beauty Industry like I do, and wanna ba part of it but have no idea where to start? So,  become the high experienced eyebrow artist is one of the best way to start.

I know hw to help you earn good money and be #1 Brow Expert in your location. You may join our small group and learn everything about Eybrow Design, Tinting, Sading and  Ombre’ Brows.

That’s right. I am limiting my Ombre’ Brows Bootcamp to only 3-6 Students!

Why? Beacsue I wanna lead you trough the process, help you to become the best by providing one to one attention and to perfect your skills. 80% of our time will be spent on practice and perfecting your technique with the real clients!

I am so exited. What about you?

Why Ombre' Brows and not Microblading?

I started in this industry doing Microblading and then I discovered Ombre’ Brows also known as
shading which now 98% of my clients choose Ombre’ Brows


Ombre Brows for one is much easier to learn and more importantly has much more benefit for your client.

Skin Types:

Ombre Brows for one is much easier to learn and more importantly has much more benefit for your client.

Touch ups:

Ombre’ brows only needs 1 touch up session 5-8 weeks after the initial session. Microblading clients can experience faster fading and needing to come back for touch ups. However, getting microblading touch ups often can cause scaring because microblading is done by putting cuts in to the skin.


Ombre’ is done with a machine and needle cartridge working on the very surface of the skin as where microblading is done with a hand held tool putting individual cuts in to the skin.


Depending on your skin type, Ombre’ Brows can last anywhere from 2-3 years! Microblading has been known to last around 1-2 years but needs constant touch ups.

Pain Level:

Ombre’ brows is much less invasive than microblading. During the Ombre’ Procedure I have had clients fall asleep on my table!


Ombre’ Brows Heals 40% lighter after initial session. It heals like a powder makeup look. Microblading can tend to heal with blurry strokes. For healed results go to my instagram page @ibrow_boutique_miami and click the Healed Brows button!

What Is included?

2 Days ( 13 Hours ) of training with Lisandra in her salon!

Wireless Shading Machine Kit

Unlimited ongoing support access in our private FB Group

BrowKingdom Shading Manual

Supplies Kit

Class times: Saturday 10am-6pm. Sunday 10am-3pm

Topics Covered

80% of our time will be spent on practice and me guiding you along the way so you can greatly improve your technique in the shortest amount of time to get you ready for the real world.

Below are some of the topics I will be covering however, the goal is to spend most of the time practicing. I will be doing a Live Model Demo on day 1 and students will be practicing on synthetic skin.


Station Set up

Prior work correction

Choosing the right pigments


PMU 101

Brow Mapping

Skin Types


Client Forms


Color Theory

Machine Mastery

Touch ups

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have prior experience to take this class?

This class is for ALL experience levels!

What are the times of the class?

Saturday, 10am-6pm Sunday, 10am-3pm

Where will the bootcamp take place?

The Brow Effect Salon in Miami

Can I make a deposit?

Yes! You have option to pay a $500 Non-Refundable deposit to reserve your seat

Will I receive support after the event?

YES! You will have lifetime access to our private student group for support and questions.

Will I be working on live models?

Students will only be practicing on synthetic skin and Lisandra will be doing a live model demo on day 1. You also do NOT need a tattoo license for this class

Will I receive a kit and a machine?

YES! You will receive our wireless shading machine as well as a kit and our shading manual

I am from out of town. Best travel tips?

Fly in to Miami International Airport. You will want to get a hotel in the Edgewater Area. You can also check for AIRBNB however proceed with caution.

How to I pay remaining balance?

You can pay your balance at registration when you arrive by CASH or CC. If paying with CC, you must present your photo ID and the credit card must be yours.

Will this certificate be sufficient enough for me to start legally working on clients?

Florida does not require a certain amount of training hours. They only require a Tattoo License which is really easy to obtain and only $100 in application fees.





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